Ebook Novellas


It was Anna's fault. She was the one that insisted they go through the corn maze. And Jeff will never let her forget it.

Because now this couple is trapped in an endless cycle of fear and bitter recriminations as they look for a way out of the labyrinth...before their marriage shatters.

Talent Scout

Rafe Lincozzi’s metal band has just played their best show ever. Now they need a place to crash or it’s another night in the van.

Fortunately, they’ve found an ad that offers free lodging to struggling musicians. Their benefactor turns out to be a man well-connected in the music industry, but could his plans for them be more sinister than they appear?

Outside the Lines

Off-duty cop Andrew Horner wanted a quiet day at the zoo with his son. But when the punk in front of him at the bank robs the teller, he gets involved in a frantic chase through a suburban neighborhood. Now he has a wrecked vehicle, a busted-up prisoner, and no idea what to do next.

Because no one seems to be home in this quaint neighborhood. And dark is falling early. And on every phone is the bone-chilling sound of children laughing.

Andrew Horner is about to meet the ultimate evil that waits OUTSIDE THE LINES...

Originally published in monthly serial form, Russell C. Connor's horror novella is now available in one complete volume, only in eBook format.

Dark World

When night falls, the far corner of Harold's living room becomes a dark place, a world where light has never existed. There are creatures there that call that darkness home, hungry beasts that Harold can hear but not see. The question is, what do they want from him?

The Last Fathers

Korden Bright has lived his entire life in the protection of the Olders, a group of ancient men from the time of autos and cities. In their isolated village, he and his father hide from the red-eyed demons known as Incarnates, who hunt down anyone under the age of 18 in the name of the Dark Filament. But on the day of his sixteenth birthday, Korden will make a choice that sends his entire life crashing down, and brings him face-to-face with the Incarnates for the first time… 

A preview of Through the Deep Forest, the first volume of The Dark Filament Ephemeris, coming October 2016.