Box Office of Terror

Second Unit

Everyone is dying to make it in Hollywood.


Especially Davis Lowe. Unfortunately, he keeps finding only second unit work, taking the jobs the real directors can't--or won't--do. Together with cameraman Jared Mane and film editor Terrence "Otter" Ottman, he runs a tiny, independent production company off (waaaay off) the Sunset Strip. Davis spends his days scrounging for crumbs left by the big studios while he puts off marrying the lovely aspiring actress Susan Campbell.

Enter Torsten Gross: enigmatic German director whose violent horror films seem a little too real for Davis and his crew. After signing on to work for the filmmaker and his brutal leading man Lars Krieg, the boys are faced with a rash of actress suicides and a police investigation in the midst of a movie shoot stranger than anything Hollywood could dream up.

Soon Davis will race to save those he cares about from the clutches of a man who will stop at nothing to finish production, as he unravels a mystery that will have him doubting the art of filmmaking...and reality itself.

Director's Cut

Davis Lowe is back.


Three years after the events of Second Unit, Davis Lowe has everything he ever wanted. He and Jared now work for Apex, the hottest studio in Hollywood, filming the next installment of a blockbuster action franchise. In fact, the only thing missing from his life is Susan Campbell, who left him when their careers went in different directions.

But when an old friend turns up murdered on the Apex lot, their paths will cross again as Davis, Jared, and Susan are drawn into a web of conspiracy and buried secrets that kills anyone who gets too close. Could the Vice President of the studio be involved? Or does this have something to do with Torsten Gross' revenge from beyond the grave? And what are the shadowy creatures who seem to be protecting them all one minute and stalking them the next?

They may have survived a soul-sucking vampire from another dimension, but now things are gonna get even weirder in the second installment of The Box Office of Terror Trilogy.