Good Neighbors

Elliot Jefferson moved to the isolated Estates of North Hills to work on his sobriety and avoid other people at all costs. But when the electric transformers around the complex begin emitting a horrible buzz that he calls 'the Squall,' neither is easy to achieve.

Because some of his neighbors are acting strange. Twitching, fighting, and muttering about voices only they can hear.

Soon Elliot will find himself face-to-face with the worst humanity has to offer, as wives imprison husbands, children butcher parents, and those under the Squall's influence go to insane lengths to keep their secret safe. If he wants to survive, Elliot must discover the awful truth for himself, and lead a small group of innocents to safety...before they're all just as doomed as their neighbors.


The Bermuda Triangle. Dozens of ships have disappeared in its dark waters. Amber and her friends never expected to find them on their overnight cruise through the Sargasso Sea, but when their yacht is hijacked by local pirate captain Lito Porto and his crew of roughnecks, they soon find themselves adrift in a vast armada of derelict ships. Far more than the Triangle could possibly have swallowed.

And they are not alone. Freakish figures haunt these decks. The plant and animal life is twisted, aggressive and glowing a cool neon blue. The radio broadcasts a harsh, garbled language they have never heard, and a bright light flickers on the horizon, as if signaling them. Amber and Lito will have to join forces to escape this endless maze of abandoned ships. Along the way, they might discover the truth about the Bermuda Triangle itself...


Port Allen, Texas is about to have a visitor: a category five hurricane named Whitney. But when the survivors crawl from the wreckage of their city, they will face horrors much worse than the storm.

They're cut off from the outside world. A mysterious disease sweeps bloody death through the remaining populace. Faceless commandos prowl the streets, shooting civilians on sight. And from the shadows, a hungry beast drags the innocent into the dark to feed.

Now, a germophobic shut-in, a homeless man, a disgraced cop, and many others must band together to flee the evil that's hunting them, and find a way to escape the city...

Finding Misery

Rudy Compton is going through what you might a 'rough patch.' He just found out his wife is cheating on him, and now he's spending the night in county lockup. Unfortunately, he's not there alone. Before the night is over, he'll survive a brutal rampage by a fellow inmate and pick up a piece of information that will make him--and everyone around him--a target.

Soon he'll find himself pursued by a duo of mobsters that just won't die, a cult of crazed medieval warriors, and a lone government agent that can't tell him the truth. Rudy's only choice will be to go on the run to Reno with the cops in hot pursuit and his estrange wife in tow, where he'll either find the answers he needs to clear his name...or get them both killed.

Finding Misery is a novel about passion, second chances, and the people who make us miserable.

Race the Night

Mike Hasker is a man with problems. A gambling addiction has led to the loss of his job, his home, and his wife. The only joy he has left in the world are his two young daughters, and he will do anything to protect them.

But now, on a deserted back road far from civilization, he will be confronted by ultimate evil: a hunted serial killer that may be more--or less--then human. This man wants only one thing, Mike's children, and he will kill anyone who gets in his way. As the police close in on the wrong man and a blizzard descends upon him, Mike will be faced with the most important decision of his life: find his children before nightfall...or lose them forever.

The Jackal Man

A creature older than legend stalks the small Texas town of Asheville. A beast rarely seen but greatly feared, the Jackal Man has haunted the minds of this sleepy hamlet for ages from the uninhabited woods to the south.

Now, a land developer has purchased the area with the intent to build houses, and Frank Stanford has moved into the strange town with his family to oversee the project. He and his misfit son Willie will be forced to deal with the truth behind the myth, along with an obsessed cop...a quirky zookeeper...and a sadistic hunter that may be more dangerous than the beast.