Finding Misery

Rudy Compton is going through what you might a 'rough patch.' He just found out his wife is cheating on him, and now he's spending the night in county lockup. Unfortunately, he's not there alone. Before the night is over, he'll survive a brutal rampage by a fellow inmate and pick up a piece of information that will make him--and everyone around him--a target.

Soon he'll find himself pursued by a duo of mobsters that just won't die, a cult of crazed medieval warriors, and a lone government agent that can't tell him the truth. Rudy's only choice will be to go on the run to Reno with the cops in hot pursuit and his estrange wife in tow, where he'll either find the answers he needs to clear his name...or get them both killed.

Finding Misery is a novel about passion, second chances, and the people who make us miserable.